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Nature’s Magic Potions Or Exaggerated Claims?

Well meaning people, who start rather innocently with an attempt to incorporate a healthy diet into their lifestyle, are often rendered helpless and thoroughly confused by the amount of conflicting claims in the ‘health food’ industry. The layman might think that will all the progress in medicine and science, it should be pretty easy to determine the properties of any given food item and its health benefits. Unfortunately though, while the contents of all food items are known, there is hardly any agreement as far as health claims go. Consider some of these supposedly healthy examples. (more…)

Keeping Pace with Age: How to Modify your Diet as you Grow Older

For most women, multi-tasking isn’t a matter of choice. Amidst all the roles in your life, it is easy to forget what you are eating, and whether you are consistently giving your body the fuel it needs. However, ignoring your diet is a serious error. Your body requires healthy food, and it is not all that difficult considering there are some basic principles of a good diet that don’t change throughout your life. As long as you know those, and certain specific needs of your body, depending on your age, you should do just fine!


Getting More for Less: Stretching your Monthly Food Budget Effectively

The pressing concern of the average American household is how to squeeze in enough nutrition for the entire family on a shoestring monthly food budget. Things that are affordable aren’t so great nutrition-wise and all the food that’s bursting with nutrition costs a pretty penny.

Fret not! While you may not be in a position to double your income overnight there are a few things you can do to stretch your dollar. It requires some effort and commitment, but with a little bit of planning you will be able to meet the nutritional needs of your family without upsetting the financial cart.


How to Make Food Items Last Longer

It is not uncommon for homemakers to come across rotten vegetables in the refrigerator, moldy bread in the kitchen, or pulpy apples in the fruit bowl. Instances when food went bad and had to be thrown away are too many to be counted. And yet, there isn’t a household across the nation that may not have faced a similar problem. (more…)

Salty Snacks Help reduce Stress Levels & Facilitate Social Interactions

Different people have different ways of dealing with stress. Some like to prepare a scented bath and soak in it for a while; others switch off the lights and put on some soothing music; yet other head straight for the refrigerator, pull out the biggest tub of ice cream and pig out all by themselves. I know someone who likes to tackle stress by attacking with great vengeance all the weeds in her garden. To each their own, I guess. You can’t always explain why one activity seems to calm you down more than the others. However, if you are the kind that finds solace in salty and crispy snacks or savory munchies, scientist will be able to explain the whys and wherefores of this phenomenon. (more…)

5 Foods that are not Meant for the Faint Hearted

Of all the words you can think of to describe food, “fear” is probably the last one that comes to mind, if at all you are inclined to run your brain in that direction. After all, whoever heard of anyone being afraid of food? What do you expect to do – bite you? Maybe…if you happen to eat any one of these really scary culinary concoctions that people have deemed to call ‘delicacies’. (more…)

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