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Dinner in the Sky – Redefining the Eating Out Experience | Kitchen Talks
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Dinner in the Sky – Redefining the Eating Out Experience

You’ve heard of the expressions, “walking on the clouds,” or “flying in the sky,” but are you familiar with “dining in the sky?” Maybe, maybe not! But, from the looks of things here, it has the potential of becoming the high point of dining expression.

Dinner in the Sky has become something of a rage all over the world. Of the all the twists one can imagine giving to a dining experience, this surely has to be the best among them. Dinner in the Sky has visited several cities all over the globe including Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Dubai, UK, Turkey, and the US.

While the concept of Dinner in the Sky is pretty simple, the mechanics behind it are ingenious, and completely safe. A table that can accommodate up to 22 people is suspended at a height of 50 meters (by a team of professionals, of course). Accompanying the 20+ people at the dinner table are the three staff members in the middle, comprising of the chef, waiter, and entertainer. In case you wish to make place for more, a second platform can be added to hold additional members or entertainment.

I can barely begin to imagine what it must be like hovering in the air with the world below my feet, giving an unbelievable twist to an activity that we perform almost mechanically on a daily basis. The combination of the rush of being so high up and the thrill of being part of such an interesting spectacle make for one dizzying meal experience. Once you’ve had your dinner in the sky what meal would be able to measure up to it?

Dinner in the Sky is the perfect corporate event for all those who’ve tried everything from 5-star hotels to resorts in exotic locales to a picnic in an adventure camp and are itching for something out of the ordinary. Now, irrespective of the location you choose, your clients or your team members are going to have one hell of a day.

Be it a business breakfast or VIP dinner, Dinner in the Sky can be held anywhere – park, beach, golf course, vineyard, castle, race track, historical site, or even your company’s parking lot. Like we said, the location barely matters. And, as an added bonus, you can use the underside of the platform to advertise your company and its services.

Dinner in the Sky doesn’t have to be limited to a formal business event. You also have the option of spending the most precious moments of your life up in the sky as you take your marriage vows. If you do not want your marriage to go down the same boring aisle, what could be better than the Dinner in the Sky?

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