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Fancy Food Courts for the Food-Hungry Souls in New York City

Indoor markets have been around for long in New York City, but food emporiums are a different breed of indoor markets altogether. If you are out shopping for luscious foodstuffs and mouthwatering pre-prepared dishes, these are just the places for you. And now, with the holiday season upon us the crowds are descending into these markets located in megamalls looking for cheeses, fresh meats, and produce. Alternatively, you could always stop by these places for a quick bite and a glass of wine on one of your afternoon shopping sprees. Here are a few food courts you must check out as soon as possible, if you are a true blue epicure.


FoodParc looks a lot like a sleek, top notch, trendy restaurant. The food court is divided into four sections: RedFarm Stand offers wontons, egg rolls, dumplings, and other Chinese delicacies; Fornetti throws a spotlight on flatbread sandwiches, pasta dishes, and salads; 3Bs serves up beer, burgers, and bacon; and finally, The Press has stuff to quench your thirst like smoothies, coffee (French press–style or drip), and gelato. While there is the traditional method of placing orders at the stand, you can even fiddle about with touch-screen stations and choose what you want. Once your order is ready, a notification will be displayed on screens installed throughout the food court, or you can choose to have a text alert sent to you.

Essex Street Market

This 1940 Lower East Side market that seemed to be losing appeal with supermarkets mushrooming all over New York City has got a new lease on life in recent years. Today, it has a loyal fan following and it is able to offer stiff competition to some of the more recent establishments that have sprung up. The highlights of Essex Street Market are Porto Rico Importing Co. – experts in coffee and all things related and Shopsin’s, the legendary restaurant well known for delights like macaroni-and-cheese pancakes.


If you want only the best for a full blown Italian dinner, make your way to Eataly. This emporium is owned by Mario Batali and Lidia and Joe Bastianich and it is sprawled over 50,000-square feet. In addition to all the raw materials you need to put together a lavish Italian meal, you can pick up fancy tools and utensils used in cooking as well. There’s even a counter, or as they call it, a “vegetable butcher”, that can slice, cut, chop, or dice your fresh produce…absolutely free of charge. Eataly has the largest variety of pasta in the whole of New York (flown in straight from Italy) and mozzarella and bread are made right in front of you.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market reminds one of an indoor village, albeit one with modern accents to it, what with the cast-iron beams, brick walls, and an indoor waterfall. All that you desire, from nuts to soup, is available under one roof. Chelsea Market is home to Morimoto, Hale and Hearty Soups, Fat Witch Bakery, Buddakan, Jacques Torres Chocolate, and Amy’s Bread.


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