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Inamo: the Restaurant with Space Age Interactive Tables

While there may be several restaurants that pride themselves on what they bring to the table for their patrons; there’s only one restaurant which has the ability to boast that their tables actually bring patrons to their restaurants. That’s right – most people who go to Inamo restaurant in London are driven by intrigue. Why? Only because they have the coolest interactive tables imaginable!

At Inamo, the menus have been dispensed with and all that you need is right there on the table. And, I mean, literally on the table! Much like you’d use an iPod, move your hand around a track pad on the table and choose from the various dishes that are displayed in picture form, accompanied by description and price. When you come across something really appealing, click on the order button and wait for it to arrive. Most people think that the tables are actually touchscreens, whereas the real magic is suspended above their heads. Huge projectors housed in specially designed cocoons sense the motion of your hands and beam all the images onto the tabletops.

The interactive tables allow you to do a lot more than simply order food. You can set the décor of your table by choosing from dozens of virtual tablecloths. If you are itching to see your food being prepared, a live feed from the kitchen will allow you to do that. You can even check out the live music bands playing in the neighborhood, access the London tube map, or electronically order a taxi to take you home. Your children can pass time by playing a game of Battleship.

The founders of the restaurant are entrepreneurs Noel Hunwick and Danny Potter with along with Chef Anthony Sousa Tam who has superstar restaurants like Chino Latinos, Atami, Hakkasan, Nobu, and Ubon under his belt. The décor is credited to Blacksheep who have several successes to their name as well – the nightclub at London’s Hilton Hotel and Whisky Mist at Zeta bar. Needless to say, they’ve done a great job!

Although most people come to Inamo out of curiosity, what keeps them coming back is the wonderful Pan-Asian cuisine. You can choose from among Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese dishes – both large and small – but the fare is not entirely purist in nature. The atmosphere is lively and in addition to the engaging tables, the interiors also have translucent star patterns on the walls. The table might keep you occupied for a while but having a good time with your friends and family over good food and drinks is what will keep you truly engaged.


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