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The Most “Drunk” Countries in the World | Kitchen Talks
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The Most “Drunk” Countries in the World

It’s always interesting to notice the relationship people have with alcohol. Some use it as a means to shed their inhibitions and others as an impetus to facilitate social interactions. In some countries alcohol is a matter of national identity while in others it’s a national problem.

A question for you – How much alcohol do you drink in a year? C’mon, pick a number. 2 liters? 3 liters? 10 liters? What if I told you that the maximum per capita per year consumption any country has is a little over 14 liters? Staggering, huh? Let’s find out which the top drinking nations of this world are.


It’s no surprise at all that Germany is on this list. After all we are talking about a nation where the price of alcohol is about just the same as water and you are welcome to crack open a bottle of Weizenbock and guzzle it down in public without having to worry about the law cracking down on you. And then, there is the Oktoberfest. When you have a country that organizes an entire festival dedicated to a hundred varieties of beer, of course you have every reason to put them on this list. If that’s not enough, their per capita per year consumption of beer is 116.8 liters! You can’t argue with numbers like that.


We are talking about a country that used rum for a currency when it was a British colony. You could say that drinking is an integral part of their culture. So much so that it simply doesn’t do to drink by yourself in Australia. That’s why Australians go looking for company to share their drink. They are probably the originators of the term “drinking buddies”. By the way, their per capita consumption of beer is nearly 110 liters per year while pure alcohol stands at roughly 10 liters.


Denmark, like Germany, has a pretty relaxed approach towards drinking, not to mention the lowest prices in the entire Scandinavian region. That’s probably why more than 95% of the teenage population in this country calls itself drinkers. Thanks to the endless variety of watering holes throughout the country, each Dane is able to consume 11.5 liters of pure alcohol and 89.9 liters of beer every year.


Russia is the land that gave the world vodka. No matter how much you might love it, you can show neither the passion nor the resilience to this pure drink the way Russians do. While the rest of the world prefers to have their vodka in cocktails, Russians like it straight up; although there are those who prefer have a little beer between their vodka shots – a practice that is frowned upon by the purists and connoisseurs.


The Irish don’t just drink; they binge drink and enjoy every swig! That’s how they’ve managed to make a reputation related to their phenomenal, almost superhuman, ability to drink. Nearly 50% of the male population in this country binge drinks once a month. Yeah, yeah, all those jokes you heard about Irish drunken excess is true. Grab a drink and have a good laugh!


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